Ravankar rail

Elevator guide rail production Factory

After studying the whole process, this complex started its activity in 2016 for three years by manufacturing and installing hot rolling line machines.

Due to the complexity of the production process there was a need for special machines such as various types of straighteners ,Cold drawn, etc., as well as jigs and fixtures, which were manufactured simultaneously during this period.

The factory area with an area of 6000 square meters and with 50 specialized employees started its official activity in 2019 with a capacity of 5000 tons of elevator guide rails per year.

Attracting the loyalty and satisfaction of our valued customers and creating lasting satisfaction by this group, which is by providing quality and standard products and with continuous improvement, is one of our goals.

We are proud of the fact that the esteemed buyers of this elevator guide rails now recognize this complex as their business partner and values ​​social rights, and we are proud to provide our Iranian compatriots with a quality product in the year of the leap in production with international standards.

Ravankar rail

Best quality

The products of the Ravankar rail factory are being produced with the best materials, which has led us to produce elevator guide rails with a higher quality than Internal samples.

up to date technology

To achieve the standard elevator guide rail in the tolerance range, the company was able to use fully automatic straighteners for this purpose, which has made the rails of this factory with high accuracy and different from other competitors.


Fair price

Our motto is reasonable price considering product quality. Therefore, the price of the elevator guide rails of this factory is determined by loyal and regular customers for whom quality is important.

Elevator guide rail

Ravankar Rail has been launching cold traction elevator guide rail products since 1398 and has been able to produce the two products T70 / A and T50 / A, which are the most in the market, through continuous improvements and optimization in raw materials (Billet) and various production processes. Consume and produce cabins suitable for speeds less than 2m / s

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